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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now, abc 2 news at 11:00. a promising young woman from baltimore county killed in a drunk driving crash, now the woman behind the wheel admits she was responsible. tonight we hear from the victim's mother for the first time. >> good evening, i'm kelly swoope. ashley roberta died in a violent crash on the george washington parkway in virginia. her mother says it's like a nightmare she never weeks up from. christian schaefer sits down with her tonight. >> that's right kelly. except she tells me she does wake up every morning at 2:00 a.m., which is the time the crash happened last year. not one full night's sleep since then. the plea from the driver of the suv was what she wanted but it brings no satisfaction and no closure. >> it is devastating. it's a hole in your heart every day. >> reporter: on the morning of
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october 13th, 2009, january roberta got a call from the family friend, two members of the national park police were at the front door. >> that's when my heart stopped beating. >> her daughter had been a passenger on the suv on the george washington parkway in northern virginia, the suv went off the road at high speeds and crashed into a bridge abutment. the vehicle split in hatch feel ha. ashley roberta died at the scene. >> i was screaming on the floor, when they told me what happened. >> reporter: the driver, maria espinosa of howard county walked away from the crash. but police determined her plywood alcohol level was .13 well above the legal limit. today in virginia she pleaded guilty to involuntary manned slaughter and driving while intoxicated. >> we are devastated, the family, because of a bad choice. drinking and driving. >> also in the vehicle was charlie davies, a forward for the u.s. national soccer team. his injuries forced him to miss
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the world cup earlier this year. ashley roberta graduated from mercy high school in baltimore and the university of maryland. she was preparing to start law school at the university of baltimore. >> i tell her every day how much i love her and how much i miss her. it should never be that a parent should ever have to bury a child. should never be that way. >> reporter: now the maximum sentence for the involuntary manslaughter charges is 89 years, for the d.u.i. it's 5 years, espinosa could get less time than that when she is sentenced in february. the family is hoping she will have to serve some time behind bars, they are also preparing a lawsuit against maria espinosa. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >> thanks chris. a college student from baltimore county is in critical condition at a miami hospital. 21-year-old jared paul jones was crossing the street near the university of miami campus when he was hit by a car. witnesses say the elderly driver got out, looked at the victim, and drove away. now police were able to get a
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partial plate number from the witnesses and a description of the car but they still have very few leads. jones is a junior chemistry major at miami and a graduate of loss ravens high school. tonight we continue our special on cold cases. jennifer claybrook went out for a jog and never was seen again. her family is still grieving and still looking for answer, brian kuebler has the answer on abc 2 news at 11:00. on the weather front today certainly had a lot of rain out there in many many spots, most spots between a half and a full inch of rain and still some wet weather to be had tonight. let's take a look right now at maryland's most powerful radar. as you look at this you can see scattered showers still remaining, as we zoom out i'll take you into our level 2 mode here, zoom out a little bit. there is more rain down to the
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south and west, in fact some severe weather moving through lynchburg, virginia, down toward her risksburg and taunton, a lot of this will work its way into our area in the way of scattered showers, large storm here, broad circulation so, we'll look for more hit and miss rain right through the morning hours tomorrow. let's get you into it with your hour by hour forecast through the day. we're talking about a mild day and a very win deday too with morning showers then a mixture of clouds and sun through the afternoon as those winds pick up and they will be out of the south so again that will be a relatively mild weather pattern for us but damp right through the morning hours, i'm telling you. we'll talk much more about the outlook for the rest of the week coming up. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. after being caught in the middle of a federal wiretap the city cop is out of if job tonight. keith nolan was on the job for less than a year and hadn't even finished probation. nolan's attorney says he ran a license plate for a drug suspect and that raised some
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suspicion. they questioned him but he has not been charged but police say the allegations alone were enough to fire nolan. >> these allegations are concerning. we work very, very hard not only to uphold the public safety but to really gain the public's trust and if these allegations prove to be true it's an incredibly egregious violation of that trust. >> the attorney general's office had no comment on this case. a woman is lucky to be alive even if she is facing drunk driving charges. she was drunk when she drove her car into a canal near the bayside. chris sullivan, the manager of a restaurant, ran to the car and broke a window to save her. when she was in custody she tried to pay him off. she pleaded guilty to a d.u.i. charge back in 2007. now in for the third year
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in a row baltimore county is recommending a school closure. the school may have to shut its doors sending 300 students through the system. cheryl was there with more. >> ibe is the only school closure recommended this year and that's a big change over the past two years when a total of 12 schools shut down. the proposal is part of doctor andre could anze's ongoing plan to improve city schools. the doctor says students at ibe are not keeping pace with the rest of the school system. over 2 years the graduation rate dropped from 892% to 52%. student enrollment has also declined. doctor alonzo told the school board tonight that he contemplated closing the school last year but students had gone through a move the year before and he didn't want to add another disruption for the upper class men. but he says the low performance gives him no other option. >> at a time when our drop out rate is declining tremendously,
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you have a school where more kids were dropping out of school, which is completely unacceptable. >> under the plan, 9th and 10th graders would be moved after the 2011 school jeer. 11th graders would be allowed to graduate since they have been shifted once already. four other schools would face a shake up. cherry hill, arabia park elementary and patterson high school. instead of closing those schools will face a change in management. now the public will get a chance to weigh in on december 8th and 11th before the school board volts and we have the full plan on our web site, if you want to take a closer look. cheryl conner, abc 2 news. >> thanks sherrill. speaking of school concerns last week we shared with you the proposed redistricting plan for harper county elementary schools. many parents aren't happy with the changes which would require some students to switch schools. one has taken her anger online.
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she formed a facebook group called stop fallston redistricting. it's got about 45 members right now. county school officials are planning a series of 7 public meetings where parents will be able to weigh in on the redistricting plan. they have also setup an email address where parents can send feedback and we have a link on our web site at well the maker of the controversial four loko drink is cutting caffeine from its product. according to msn bc the announcement comments after the alcoholic energy drink was to blame for a number of young adults passing out or ending up in the hospital. that led lawmakers to push for tougher regulations for these types of drinks. well for the first time since the vietnam war a living american soldier has been awarded the medal of honor. while in afghanistan salvatore gun take watched his best
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present being dragged away by ininsurgents, he charged under heavy fire. his friend did not make it. today he says he shares in the  nation's highest honor. >> this is big. i can't take this for myself. and so i'm gonna think about that and when it happens i'll be thinking about them and when it's done i'll be thinking about them. >> the medal of honor is a distinction reserved for the most valient of american warriors. closer to home the baltimore county police officer received a medal of his own tonight. officer danny parker was shot while responding to a call for a domestic dispute last october. yesterday he celebrated his 24 this year on the force and said he never expected the honor quite like this. >> i was honored and i was very surprised. when i took the job many years ago i never went out there to look for satisfaction or medals or whatever, i just wanted to give something back to the community. and it was a case of giving back to me. >> the department also said
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they had a variety of other awards including the silver star. it is the week that harry potter fan have been waiting for, the latest installment in the wizard's movie hero continues this week. but some got to see it early. >> plus now there are three. who survived the last elimination before the grand dancing finale. i'm wyatt eberhart. with a v warm out at bwi but the most powerful tracking of big storms in virginia. we'll talk about what that could mean for us. don't forget to check us out on line. we've got a blog there, check it out.
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we're continuing our series maryland's cold cases with the story of 15-year-old jennifer claybrook. she disappeared one afternoon after heeling her mom she was going out for a jog. here is brian kuebler. [ singing ] >> reporter: at john carroll every year they remember. the memorial is peppered with the pictures of classmates and staff that has passed on. but in a town not used to making headlines the story of jennifer claybrook refuses to fade. >> it shocked me and it still, it still overwhelms me to think about it. >> reporter: patty murphy dawn is the campus minister here. as a teacher she knew every student and student. jenny, though, jenny is more than just a memory. it was the spring of 1983. >> they were in shock, just
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totally in shock. >> reporter: jennifer clay brook was a mere freshman at john carroll, your typical teen, always challenging her parents, constantly fought with her mother. sometimes even ran away. >> but without fail she always contacted mom. >> reporter: on the evening of march 4th jenny told her mother she was going on it for a run. at first when jenny didn't come home she assumed she had run away again. 4 hours passed and a normal childhood indiscretion became a panic. her mother called police. for four days police scoured the town look forego jenny. an officer found her, the officer close to the investigation went out for a walk near where he knew jenny's group would visit. >> he lived in the area to an abandoned property that was within close proximity to where jennifer lived and that's when he found her. >> reporter: jenny's body, life less, sitting up right against a fence, strangled.
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>> she had died from strangulation. and then basically was left there. >> reporter: the detective was one in the case. he remembers going out out to the scene. it was a cold afternoon. >> i can guarantee you the people there that day had hoped for a much different outcome. >> reporter: in the days and weeks that followed they poured all their resources into finding the killer. she was running with an older kraut even adults, the group often partied in the very same spot where jenny was found. >> immediately suspects began to emerge. >> they also looked at the way jenny was killed. strangled, choked to death and left in an up right position. it's usually a crime of passion, often the deadly result of an argument when the killer just plain snaps.
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>> whatever the relationship was, something deteriorated for that moment, and emotional levels rose to where they were undertake out of control and a few moments later jenny was dead. >> but as weeks turned into months, into years, her case went cold. >> the fact that it's a cold case means that it happened a long time ago and we don't have an arrest but it doesn't mean that we have for gotten about it. >> sergeant swam has since left the department and the case has been handed over to cold case detective ed smith. >> it's difficult. it's very difficult. it's an emotional thing. >> reporter: smith has invested himself into this case often reading the case file at home, retracing every last step, following up every last lead. he often goes back to the
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scene. we're about 100 yards behind where the house existed on maple view. >> hoping to find answers,. >> reporter: answers to a case that continues to haunt detectives old and new. >> we have dreams for our children and at 15, my gosh,you're at the threshold of the rest of your life. that was stolen from jennifer and stolen from her mother. >> stolen from a grieving mother, stolen from a community that 27 years later still remembers. ♪[ music ] . >> jennifer lee claybrook. >> each year when her name is red and her picture is flashed we remember that we don't know. we don't know what happened to her. >> reporter: her loan yearbook photo a reminder of a young life taken. a story that still needs an ending. in harford county, brian kuebler, abc 2 news. now for come meet access to jenny's case you can log onto
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our cold cases web site, there you will find the interviews with the detectives and photos from the crime scene. if you have any information about the disappearance of jennifer we usual you toe contact metro crimestoppers right away. to leave a tip you can call them at 1-866-7-lockup or text your tip to crimes and you can also submit your tip online to and click on "submit tip." we're going to continue our series next week with the story of mary kelly. marry disappeared from per bel air home in the spring of 1998. she said she was picking up a friend from the bar and that was the last time that anyone in her family ever saw her alive. you can catch her story on abc 2 news at 11:00 next tuesday. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
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forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. hopefully tomorrow will be nicer than today. >> yeah kelly, it wouldn't take much. you know, a lot of rain all day. >> yeah. >> win deconditions coming in tomorrow. i think we're going to get most of the rain out. and then, thursday, a chillier day still breezy and maybe the clouds come back a little bit. so maybe a little bit of a rollercoaster ride this week. >> all right. >> a little bit of rain out there tonight though. not as much as today. most powerful radar, not here in the immediate baltimore area, but rather well off to the south. if you take a close look here on maryland's most powerful radar you'll see the line of showers and storms back through winchester and into northern virginia. just west of the d.c. suburbs. and you know, some of these storms pretty strong down here. we've got some severe thunderstorm warnings up for places like areas just west of richmond, so this is a very warm area of showers and storms that are employing in out of the south. we'll get a bit of the energy
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in the atmosphere through the overnight hours here but we'll keep a sharp eye on this line of storms as they move towards frederick and into the mount area and carroll county and areas west of the baltimore area so watching that closely. look at some of the rainfall totals from today. a third of an inch in edgemere, almost a third of an inch in buoy. you had 4/100ths or 4/10ths or so of an inch. mount airy looking like they got maybe a bit more than a bit. roads on and off across baltimore, the entire state, temperature 61, humidity 93%, winds have turned southeast and will be getting gustier and gustier. this will be our big weather story tomorrow. we may see some morning showers but these winds will be stout all night and into the day tomorrow. some of these peak wind gusts could reach 40 miles per hour or higher. already tonight seeing wind gusts around 25 in baltimore, 25 east and gust to go 24 up in
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york. temperatures today right about where they sit right now around 60 degrees. we'll get maybe a couple degrees cooler than that tomorrow with all the wind blowing in some spots but i think laurel back through woodbine, your neighborhood forecast. howard county you know, low to mid-60s, break through as we go into the afternoon hours. none of that tonight, first thing in the morning widespread moisture, precipitation out of the south. these are hit and miss showers. they are not like a steady heavy rain but on and off heavy rain, couple different moisture streaks. there is the center of the low out in cleveland, ohio, right now. so that's the main center of the storm. there is a lot of moisture coming up the mitt atlantic coast from this thing and it's going to take a while to blow this thing out of here. there will be some chillier air behind it but not frigid as we go into the rest of the week. rain in the morning. 7:00, hit and miss light rain by 8, 9:00, then we clear the skies a bit in the afternoon,
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winds howling out there wednesday, a mild southerly wind, thursday winds turn north again, that's going to be chillier and cloudier on thursday. overnight tonight, 52, more rain. we could see a couple of thunderstorms, especially south and west of baltimore. then tomorrow, 61, morning drizzle. then milder, dry, some sunshine in the afternoon, 38. breezy, cooler tomorrow night as winds turn north. a quick check of your seven-day forecast showing you know a cooler day ahead. maybe a snow shower in western maryland thursday evening and sunshine throughout the weekend looking pretty good, 57 there. kelly. >> all right. thanks wyatt. well tonight was the last elimination before the finals of "dancing with the stars" and one couple came up short in its quest to make the final three. >> brandy and max. >> r & b singer brandy and her
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partner max were sent home. that means next week will feature actress jennifer grey and bristol palin. of course you can catch it right here on abc 2. >> i don't know how to say. >> baltimore area kids and local celebrities were among the first to celebrate the upcoming release of the highly anticipated new harry potter film. there was a sneak showing sneak peek showing at owens mills tonight. before the screening fans hit the gaming truck to try their hands at the latest harry potter games. >> the movie is awesome. we're really excited about it. it's going to be part 1 of the epic finale so we're very, very excited about it. >> i'm just a fan, i enjoy it, i read the book and i enjoyed all of the books and i enjoyed the movie so i'm excited i get to see it before everyone else. >> the movie premieres nation-
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wide this friday. so they traded in their usual black and white tuxedos for the red and white of fantacies. they didn't waste any time getting into the christmas spirit. we'll take you to a special celebration. >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate
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this is kevin heinz with press box sports report. the phillies roy halladay was awarded the national league cy young award making him the fifth pitcher to win the honor in both leagues. he led with 21 wins, he pitched a perfect game in may and won two in the playoffs. the rookie quarterback sustained a concussion during the loss to tampa bay on sunday. if klassen can't play against
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the ravens tony pike likely will get the start t ravens home game against the tampa bay buccaneers on sunday, november 28th, has been moved to a 4:15 start from its originally scheduled 1:00 kickoff. for latest local sports news check out
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well christmas is more than a month away but that didn't stop santa and his reindeer from wobbling through a park in south korea. 12 penguins dressed in their christmas best for the special event helped kids get in the holiday spirit. they look like they are in the holiday spirit. >> tuxedo under the santa suit. clear, some action to the south and west, showers, rumble of thunder, be ready for it. other than that the day should dry out through the afternoon tomorrow. >> all right. that's it for us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow. have a great evening. >> good night. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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